Frequently Asked Questions


**We follow all current CDC and Jefferson County guidelines.   At the OH Zone we respect individuals rights, and do not require a proof of vaccine or masks, as we trust that everyone can make personal choices which are right for them.  The OH Zone respects your privacy and adheres to HIPPA compliant practices.  Therefore we cannot in good conscience continue hosting events without enforcing rules we do not agree with or support.  We feel very strongly that we each possess the sovereignty over our own body and mind, to define ourselves and embrace the values that we wish to exemplify.  We are not willing to sacrifice our values, and therefore will no longer operate under the current guidelines.



The OH Zone is an event venue and not a social consumption lounge


We have plenty of free, well-lit, on-site parking and additional space for overflow


The OH Zone is entirely ADA accessible, indoors and outdoors


Upon entering the premises of the OH Zone, all attendees must adhere to the Colorado Clean Indoor Act C.R.S. 25-14 and all Colorado mandated laws in concert with any personal consumption of any substances, (cannabis, psychedelics or alcohol).  Attendees must make a full effort to obey safety precautions outlined by the OH Zone and consume responsibly


No cannabis, psychedelics or alcohol products are for sale at the OH Zone


All attendees must observe all rules and policies of events at the OH Zone, including, but not limited to: prohibiting underage consumption, driving under the influence, and unlawful possession


The OH Zone encourages ride-sharing services


All consumption events are private.  Attendees must be over 21 years of age, with a valid ID that matches their RSVP.  All RSVPs close 24 hours in advance of the event.  Attendees understand that they are responsible for their own actions


The OH Zone makes no claim of the accuracy, safety, or legality of the information provided at events.  Information is intended for educational, and entertainment purposes only.  Any information dispensed at the OH Zone, should not be construed to be legal or medical advice